Designing for SpongeBob Squarepants has been, for many reasons, ¬†one of the most remarkable times of my career thus far. It’s not often an artist gets to join in on the creative endeavors of a long lived cartoon. Working alongside this crew for more than four seasons gifted me with a trove of memories and cherished friendships.

It was during this period my daughter was born and my life was changed for the better again. This show and it’s silly characters will always represent to me everything I love about cartoons and life in general. Thank you, Stephen Hillenburg. Thank you, to the crew and cast and to my friends, whom I now consider family. You make the world a better, happier, funnier place.

SpongeBob: The sponge himself!

The Bikini Bottom gang: A collection of some of my favorite designs and poses involving the main characters.

Each episode often brought with it a chance to stretch the imagination. Below is a collection of those strange and varied beasts!

Costumes change everything. They must have a lot of foam in Bikini Bottom!

This TV Guide spread really came out nicely!