The best friends hall of fame. The wall of wings. The wild adventures.

Sanjay and Craig and their curious gang had nothing on the fun loving crew!

Rambunctious and wild perfectly describes  the story lines and the daily life of creating the episodes of these fast friends. Jay Howell, Jim Dirschberger and Andreas Trolf , the co-creators, gathered a wildly creative crew who crafted a three season flood of roller coaster rides that always brought us back to the foundation of friendship.

Joining this crew introduced me to so many amazing artists. Adding much to an already abundant bouquet of talented, brilliant friends. Very much like entering a new ride at an amusement park. Things are always a little bit different at the end!




Designing caricatures of these two American icons was not only a highlight but an honor!



Craig had a special part to play and one of my favorite bits were the portraits of Craig inserted into the title sequence each week. Here are a few I enjoyed creating the most.


Best friends!


The gang!






The wild animals!

I love animals. Drawing them is always a joy. Jay Howell has a very special way with them! I wish I could say I ever came close to capturing that particular magic.



The wild creatures!


The costumes: What would life be without costumes?