This series is so much fun! Playful, thrilling, adventurous and full of heart. Watching it with my 7 yr old daughter is a special treat! Being invited to design for this series was too. So many tremendous talents! It was an honor working with each and every one! Thanks especially to Ryan Crego, for this very special opportunity. Developed in collaboration with Thurop Van Orman and art directed by Sue Mondt, that’s a recipe for excellence! Having worked with Ryan and Thurop and several of the wonderful story artists on Sanjay & Craig I knew we were in for a creative free-for-all. We were not disappointed!

Here are a few of my favorite designs I contributed to the show.


This is Chercophonie. Voiced by the truly spectacular Cher, designing her as a Boov was especially exciting! She liked my designs! She really, really liked them!! Ha ha ha ha! I love my life! Thank you, Cher! Thank you, Crego! Xoxo


I especially enjoy it when a composition or layout comes together. Seeing them in the final color stage is also super fun!

To explore more of the show’s online features such as games and activities go to Dreamwork’s TV and check it out!

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