Ginny Hawes is an Animation designer with twenty-eight years of experience. As an artist, she is thrilled to have played a part in so many wonderful shows. Her character designs have now populated the cartoon memories of millions of people around the world and she continues today to contribute to the crazy, silly, infuriating, MAD & delightful world of animation!

She studied character animation at CalArts from 1984-88 under the extraordinary tutelage of Bob Winquist, T. Hee, Hal Ambro, Bob McCrea, Louis Gadal, Ray Aragon and Mike Giaimo. Ginny graduated with a BFA and a treasure trove of priceless memories and lifelong friendships.

In the years since her graduation she has worked with many of the best animation studios in the world; Hanna- Barbera, Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Paramount and Dreamworks.

Nickelodeon has been her second home for many years. Ultimately serving as principal Character designer on “SpongeBob Squarepants”. Joining the show on the tail end of season five and finishing with season nine. In 2013 Ginny joined Jay Howell & Jim Dirschberger, designing characters for “Sanjay & Craig”. After 15 extraordinary years with Nickelodeon a new opportunity designing characters for “Home – Adventures of Tip and Oh” ( alongside many of her Nickelodeon cohorts) arose and she joined the crew at Dreamworks Animation. She is beyond grateful for all of these amazing experiences! 

2015 found Ginny and her daughter beginning a new season in life. First grade loomed and with devoting time to her daughter a primary goal for this single mom, something needed to change. To achieve multiple goals she upped sticks and moved to Washington state and currently designs remotely. All her work with DreamWorks, Paramount and Disney Pictures has been, very successfully, done remotely! To inquire further about how well working with a remote artist functions, please reach out to “Home’s” Sean Patrick Rielley: or Ryan Crego: . While you’re at it, tell them she says “HI!”.

IF, however, your production requires an all in-house crew, that demand can be met.

Ginny is a highly skilled draftsman, she is well versed in Photoshop. Has experience in Illustrator and Sketchup and is currently training to add Harmony and Storyboard Pro to her skill set.

As an artist who enjoys all aspects of the creative process she encourages you to contact her if you are in need of an experienced and talented crew member to achieve your production goals.